The first company in the market to specialize in ecological water treatment using ultraviolet technology. From conception to realization, it develops innovative and high-quality products, stemming from French industrial and university research, perfectly adaptable to specific needs.

Ultraviolet radiation has the ability to destroy germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, etc.) in fluids and on surfaces. UV-C radiation, in particular, penetrates the cell’s cytoplasmic membrane and reaches the nucleus. When cells divide, the DNA cannot replicate or reproduce. The molecular structure of the DNA is broken, rendering the germ harmless, without altering the physicochemical criteria of the fluid and without generating contaminant residues.


Drinking Water

Turn raw water into drinking water without using chemicals for peace of mind. Additionally, ultraviolet technology retains the beneficial properties of water.


For hygiene and health reasons, the water that comes into contact with our products must be of impeccable quality. Under certain conditions, you can treat your wastewater for reuse or discharge it safely into the environment.

Pools and Spas

In contact with the skin, chlorine can cause many irritations and allergies. As ultraviolet technology is eco-friendly, no pathogens threaten the health of bathers. UV-C rays also eliminate elements resistant to chlorine, odors, and even the chlorine itself.


On occasion, fish fry are exposed to contaminants as they are administered drugs that affect their quality, generating waste. UV-C facilities integrate optimally, providing a preventive and effective solution.


Ponds should be cleaned without the use of chemicals to ensure a healthy environment for ecosystems. Ultraviolet technology allows the elimination of algae and microbiological contamination without the use of chemicals.


Harmless to the health of your employees and effective in disinfecting your water, UV-C technology kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could contaminate your crops. It also significantly reduces the use of chemicals harmful to the environment and human health.