Printack was founded in 1987, a milestone that aligns with significant advancements in personal computing, encompassing both hardware and printers, as well as software. Printack’s mission is to harness this revolution, enabling individuals or businesses to imprint their identity on their labels.

As a pioneer in its field, Printack stands out as the first French company to offer laser-printable labels. This innovative approach allows for the production of full-color labels, printed on both sides, and highly resistant to weather conditions. With over three decades of experience, Printack continues to lead the way in creating labeling solutions that reflect the ongoing evolution of technology and the changing needs of the market.

In 1992, Printack designed user-friendly software so that an individual with a personal computer could design and print their own labels. This software package is continually enhanced and adapted to meet the needs of our customers and the fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape.

How can I create my own labels?

Use of Printack Software