Addressing the growing global challenges in clean water and sanitation, HPNow offers a range of on-site, autonomous, safe, and sustainable hydrogen peroxide generation solutions. Based in Copenhagen with representation in Europe, America, and Asia, we cater to our customers’ water treatment needs across market segments ranging from agriculture and aquaculture to industrial and drinking water treatment. HPNow is a technological and market leader in on-site hydrogen peroxide generation, continuously striving to advance its technology and products to meet the growing market needs and increasing global demand.



Enhance your crops, protect your plants.


Industrial Water Treatment.


Controllable and chemical-free.

Advanced Oxidation

Chemical-Free Oxidation.

Devices and Appliances

Integrated H2O Generation.

Livestock Farming

Water Treatment for Animal Health.


  • Enhances crops, protects plants.
  • Improves irrigation. uniformity without clogging drip emitters.
  • Eliminates biofilm buildup in irrigation lines.
  • Increases oxygen levels in the root zone.
  • Reduces pathogens and diseases in water.
  • Ultra-Pure Peroxide.
  • The best product for water treatment.
  • Proven alternative to toxic water treatment agents.
  • Maximum effectiveness thanks to 99.99% purity without inhibitors, acids, or stabilizers.
  • No impurities or additives, does not generate by-products or odors.
  • Increases the lifespan of drip emitters.
  • Generates a safe concentration directly, no manual dilution or handling required.
  • Improves plant health.
  • Increases organic matter levels.
  • High purity H2O; 99.99% directly into the water.
  • Uses water, electricity, and air.
  • Safe application.
  • System dimension according to needs.