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Canadian technology that enhances plant growth and productivity sustainably, reducing carbon footprint by providing advanced, patented CO2 supply solutions.

Aqueous CO2 infusion system.

Dissolves and saturates CO2 in water.
The aqueous CO2 solution is delivered to plants through nebulization.
Aqueous CO2 is absorbed through the leaf surface.


CO2 does not "escape" from the cultivation area.

CO2 is directed straight to the leaves.

Increase in stem production.

Increase in flower, bud, and biomass production.

Creates a protective perimeter against pathogens.

Reduction in powdery mildew incidence.

Reduction of Escherichia coli in other crops.

Safe application.

Application to the plant through FINE MISTING.

Increase in yields and profitability.

Customized design for your facilities.

On-site feasibility.

Fully automated system.

Financing options for the rose cultivation sector.

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